Complete your home projects with a team you can trust.

Find reputable home service businesses who achieve outstanding customer service.

We help homeowners in North Metro Atlanta find verified home services.

Atlanta homeowners trust Verified Home Services to help them find plumbers, roofers, and contractors—ensuring superb service every step of the way.

There’s work to be done, but who can you trust?

The internet offers infinite choices.

You don’t need hundreds of painters, plumbers, or pressure washers—you want one who’s going to do great work.

The most expensive option is not always the best option.

Sometimes the most reputable people are more moderately priced.

What if you could easily find a local business that did stellar work at a fair price?

Home upkeep is hard enough without having to spend hours finding a service provider.

Find a reliable home services provider in a flash with Verified Home Services.


We track every phone call and form submission to ensure you’re getting quality service.


We offer 4-5 home service providers in most service categories so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of companies.


We have personal relationships with all our service providers, and they have earned our trust—some over the course of many years.


When transparency and communication are key, we’ve got your back.

We employ an exhaustive verification process to ensure the companies are trustworthy and have proven track record. Customer satisfaction and reliability are the hallmark of our daily operations.

Credential verification

We verify up-to-date credentials for the city and state, as well as each business’s general liability insurance coverage.

In-depth vetting process

We continue to review service providers every year to ensure the highest standards.

The VHS guarantee

You’ll get a quote from everyone you contact within 24 hours and we back every project up to $2,500.**

Online research

We look at online reviews, independent surveys, and public financial information, so you don’t have to.

Fair pricing

We verify that the rates our vendors charge are equitable for the service provided.

Product and warranty information

We require all our vendors to honor their warranties and guarantees.

How it works

How to use Verified Home Services

Search Providers

Effortlessly search for home service providers.

Request Your Quotes

We offer 3-5 different choices for most service categories.

Pick Your Favorite

Hire help for your project and if any concerns arise, let us know!

Knock out your to-do list with ease.

Stop putting it off. Search the best-in-class home service providers today.

“Gary was a dear friend who was a master at connecting you with the right people to help grow your business. Justin and his team are doing an amazing job at continuing that legacy. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. Keep up the great work.”

Juan Reyes, CEO Pro Roofing & Siding

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About Verified Home Services

Connecting Atlanta with superior home services since 2010.

I’m Justin Fascilla, and as owner of Verified Home Services, I continue to build upon my father’s legacy through providing outstanding customer service in the greater Atlanta area.

As a hard working business man, my father recognized that most forms of advertising, whether on the internet or television, yellow pages or direct mail, were simply designed to sell with no regard to the quality or reputation of the company who was advertising.

With Verified Home Services participation is not purchased. Participants must submit to and compensate for the Investigative Process by our internal investigative department.